What are some green vacuums?



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    There are a handful of green vacuums out there, including the Miele Luna S4580. This vacuum, like many of its friends on the Miele vacuum line, is energy efficient, made from recycled materials, and still handles and performs the way you would expect a vacuum would. However, it is pricey at nearly $600. I great place to look for green vacuums is through http://www.greenerchoices.org. This is a website that is owned by Consumer Reports that provides a ranking on all goods and services that are intended to be environmentally friendly—including vacuums. It even tells you which models NOT to buy.

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    There are a few “green” vacuums. I recommend the electrolux ergospace green EL4101 is an eco-friendly option. More than half of it is made of recycled plastic and has a high efficiency. It is also lightweight and relatively cheap, costing about $299.99.

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    This question is relevant to a Grist story I read earlier today. Currently, researchers are working to improve the Roomba so that it can not only vacuum on its own, but also evaluate air quality. The goal is for the vacuum to be able to detect the present of toxins or other pollutants in the air all over your home, giving you time to act appropriately.  

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