What are some green shows on the discovery channel?



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    If you’re looking for shows that promote environmental causes, you can look no further than the documentaries “Planet Earth” and “Life.” From what I’ve seen of them, both show amazing and unique footage of earth’s ecosystems and the animals that live in them. They can easily make you appreciate the amazing variety of habitats and species on this planet. 

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    Beyond the wonderful shows on the discovery channel there are some shows on PBS and the Sundance Channel that have some methods of green living and design. One show is called e² the Economies of being Environmentally Conscious narrated by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The Sundance Channel also has quite a few green shows that are interesting including Ecotrip which shows where materials come from and the impacts that they have as well as The Lazy Environmentalist which gives you easy solutions to being more environmentally friendly in many different professions. Also check out Big Ideas for a Small Planet. See the links below.

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    Two other shows that focus on the beauty and need for respect of the environment include Beyond Survival with Les Stroud and Man vs Wild. Beyond Survival focuses on indigenous cultures that co-exist harmoniously with their local environment, and how the changing nature of the world is affecting both them and their homes. Man vs Wild is packed full of useful and interesting information about ecosystems ranging from the deep Amazon to the Kalahari Desert.

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