What are some green projects to have kids help out with?



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    Doing green projects with the kids is not only fun for the kids, but also an excellent opportunity for educational experience.

    The on-line Green Guide For Kids (http://greenguideforkids.blogspot.com/) has a section for activities. This page includes ideas for green birthday parties, a top ten list of green activities and projects, and lots more.

    Kaboose.com has some examples of Earth Day crafts that might be fun as well.

    Here are some activity ideas:
    Growing a garden
    Making non-toxic bug sprays from natural ingredients
    Making the yard inviting to various local wildlife
    A treasure hunt for wildlife (bugs, leaves, etc).
    Think of and implement water saving ideas (i.e. put a brick in the toilet tank to conserve the amount of water when you flush).

    Now get out there and have some fun!

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    You can make a worm composting bin or build a compost pile in your backyard. This is an excellent activity to do with kids because it teaches them about animal habitats, the carbon cycle, natural materials and how to reduce their waste to the landfill.  

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