What are some green parenting techniques?



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    I personally believe that getting children involved in our nature and the environment is very important to our youth. Of course they don’t need to be burned with all of our climate problems either. Simply do stuff with nature. Take them for a nature walk, get a bird bath and learn the names of the local bird species, start a compost heap and teach them how to put sticks and leaves into it and how the smelly mush makes prettier flowers, have them grow their own plants, or Collect leaves and press them in a large book. The more exposure they get to nature as children the more they will realize how important it is as future adults.

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    The first thing to do, essentially, is make your kid understand what being “green” means. Once this is established, there are so many things you can do to be green with your kids! Everything from reusing their artwork to making compost together to always making sure you don’t waste too much water or electricity, raising a kid gives rise to a hosting of opportunities to go green together. There are many eco techniques online that will help you figure out activities related to green parenting. Find out how to make eco crafts for kids here: http://www.thegreenparent.com/category/green-parenting/eco-crafts-for-kids/

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