What are some green or eco friendly kitchen gadgets?



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    You can get a slow cooker that will use less electricity than a stove or oven. There are also manual blenders that run by a hand crank rather than electricity. You can even go as far as getting an in-home composting system, which will reduce your trash and provide good fertilizer.

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    Hm, I guess that depends on what you are looking for in a kitchen gadget.  In general, a toaster oven is a good gadget to have.  You can cook much more quickly and save quite a bit of energy by using it rather than your conventional oven. 

    I also like kitchen composters.  They will help you reduce your trash and create great soil at the same time.

    But if you are looking for some sort of do-it-yourself kitchen gadget, try building a bike/generator system that can power your blender, or other small appliance.

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    Greenbean- I LOVE toaster ovens!! They are such a better alternative to microwaves and your food comes out warm and crispy instead of mushy and gross. You can even put a bowl of soup in there- just use a ceramic bowl and hit the button twice, make sure to use a towel to take it out because obviously the bowl will be hot. 

    My favorite new gadget is a citrus squeezer- very simple and effective. I use citrus juice a lot in my cooking and this is much better than buying lemon or lime juice in a plastic bottle. I have also stopped buying salad dressing and use lemon juice instead- good for the environment, good for me!


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    Preserve offers sustainable kitchen gadgets that are 100% recycable and made from recycled materials. They offer personal care, tableware and kitchen products.


    GreenandMore.com also offers a one stop shopping destination for green products. They offer great kitchenware as well as composters, recycling bins, solar ovens, and even dining room furniture.


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