What are some green options for packaging?



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    Green Packaging (2011) is a company that specializes in eco-friendly packing materials. They apply all their shipping labels by hand instead of using machinery to conserve energy. They have also designed their packing material to be biodegradable so that they reduce their space in the landfill if not recycled. Green Packaging (2011) also has its own recycling program and incorporates any resusable packaging material into their operations. For more information, please visit the link below.

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    I think the two best green packaging options are shipping as much in one container as possible and using post-consumer materials in as high a percentage as possible. Ideally, 100% post-consumer packaging is possible, but many companies don’t use this, probably because of cost. However, there are packaging companies that do, so it is possible. Using the correct size box is important too…there are so many companies that will ship items in a bigger box than is needed!

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    Re-using boxes is the best way to save resources. When you get a large package in the mail, set aside the box in your garage or attic instead of breaking it down and putting it in the recycling bin immediately. Recycling something requires energy because of the processing it must go through. By re-using boxes, you can delay that energy expenditure until the box has been used several times.

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