What are some green majors that we may not know about?



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    According to an article in the Daily Beast (2011), there has been an increase in the options for environmental degree programs since 2009. Interestingly, green degrees can be pursued in a wide variety of concentrations such as biology, architecture, engineering, agriculture, and interior design. I am currently a grad student at Walden University online and they also have expanded sustainability concentrations for business degrees in administration, nonprofit management, and public policy.  

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    My major was Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. I chose it because I wanted to take a wide variety of courses instead of focusing on only one specific topic. I wound up taking a bunch of economics classes, an intro to environmental engineering course, and environmental law course and several awesome science courses. If you have any interest in UC Davis, which is where I studied, take a look at the majors they offer!

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    My school has an Environmental Geography undergrad degree. As far as I can tell, you could gear your classes for this degree towards a green career after you take the core classes for it. I’ve taken a few geography and geology classes and they all focus on weather and environment, and all of the teachers I have had (I’ve had 5 different ones on this subject) stress human impact on the environment. You learn about the basics of how the earth moves and forms which helps you understand why certain human behavior is detrimental.

    It seems to me that any science you take can be geared towards an environmental career because the research and the work that you choose to do with the study is what will make it green.

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    The College of Notre Dame in Maryland just added a green major in environmental sustainability to their women’s college.  Now the 454 full-time and 43 part time students will have the option to go green with their major and have the option of concentrating in public policy, science or sustainable entrepreneurship.  The program is lead by Professor Robert Hoage. 

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    Green MBA programs are being offered by more and more schools the past decade or so. These programs incorporate environmental science and policy into the traditional economics and business management curriculum. Many businesses are trying to instill sustainable practices into their operations, so these programs are increasingly popular among those involve in business and financial management. Read more at the link provided here! 

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