What are some green jobs or careers?



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    Several green jobs are designed to modernize jobs we already have. For instance, power plant operators and HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance workers fall into the category of Energy Efficiency. These jobs are considered green because the job holders learn how to reduce or elminate the amount of harmful chemicals used in many household (Refrigerators, Air conditioning,etc.) and work appliances. Other green job categories are Pollution Prevention and Cleanup, Renewable Energy Production, and Botany.

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    Some additional green jobs include urban and regional planners, environmental scientists, environmental engineers, conservation scientists/foresters, and environmental lawyers.

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    Many green jobs are in the non-profit sector. Organizations like Environment America, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife and other environmental organizations aim to help the environment. They are directly trying to change policies and practices across the globe. They also empower citizens to participate in the decision making process and generate support for environmental causes.

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