What are some green initiatives in hotels?



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    One thing hotels are now doing is giving you the option to not have your towel washed if you are staying for more than one night. By putting used (to be washed) towels on the floor and leaving others on the rack, they will not wash all of your towels. This saves energy on the washer and dryer and saves water in the washer. There is often a card you can place out to guarantee that they do not take your towels.

    If you like this service, please write a comment on the card offered in your hotel room. This will encourage the hotel to keep this green option!

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    Hotels will not wash your linens if you ask them not to.  So, if you’re staying for a few nights, find the card in your room and mark that you don’t want bed service.

    Some hotels also have low-flow toilets.

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