What are some green gadgets that I should check out?



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    Here’s a link to some environmentally friendly gadgets:


    I think the water-powered digital clock is pretty neat, and the solar powered motion-detecting porch light is very practical.  Reusable porcelain cups with silicone sleeves for coffee and hot tea when traveling are great ideas for being more eco-friendly. 

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    The website I have provided below lists some pretty cool green gadgets. The one I found most interesting is the solar-powered netbook from iUnika. Although it is not a powerful computer, it is stylish, eco-friendly and inexpensive, with a cost of $180.

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    LG has a solar-powered e-reader, and so does Toshiba, although for now it’s only sold in Japan.  Not only are the products powered by clean energy, but you’re saving thousands of trees by not buying print books!

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    Green gadgets are all over the place these days especially in California. What is even more fun, however, is developing them yourself and finding new ways to re-use or eliminate. One thing I think we can all do is buy less clothes. Starting last November I created a challenge to not buy any clothing for one year. All the little choices we make are more appropriate green gadgets than spending more and potentionally wasting more energy trying to conserve it. Don’t let the novelty take away from the purpose.

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    Here is a whole bunch of cool stuff. The first one being a solar powered robotic lawn mower. Other cool gizmos on there are a solar powered Nintendo Wii, a bamboo encased laptop, and the Energy Detective; a monitoring device that shows you the wattage your house is consuming at any moment.  

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    I don’t know if you’d really call this a “gadget,” but one really cool invention I ran across right here on GreenAnswers is the 1ℓimit faucet, which will only dispense one liter of water at a time. Not only does it limit the amount of water you’re using, but it also gets you to really think about how much water you go through each time you turn on a faucet—something that a lot of people in the third world really tend to take for granted (myself included). This invention is also a great example of how sustainable and environmentally-friendly design can be really elegant.

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    Just the other day my house got a pressure cooker, and the package keeps telling me it’s eco-friendly.  I think it is fairly legitimate because once you get the pan up to temp you turn the burner down to low and wait just a few minutes, and the food cooks much faster than simmer on the stovetop. We’ve used it once, and it’s amazing how fast things cook with barely any heat.

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