What are some green gadgets for college students?



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    A bicycle is a pretty green gadget and pretty useful to have on campus. Most places around college that are too far away to walk are still within biking distance.

    If you have a lot of textbooks that you buy, an e-reader would also be a green way of purchasing textbooks while making it a lot easier to carry around as well.

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    I am a proponent of e-readers, but I know a lot of people on greenanswers aren’t. That said, most textbooks aren’t even available on e-readers. Anyway, to answer the question, I believe a solar power charger is the perfect gadget for a college student! Solar Style sells solar power chargers which you can use to power all your gadgets, e.g., cell phones and digital cameras. Here is a link to more information about the charger!

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    I found quite a few gadgets that are very applicable/practical for college students. The Eclipse Solar Backpack is pretty cool: there’s a small solar panel in it with a rechargeable battery to charge iPods, cell phones, etc. The UFO Power Center allows you to monitor how much energy up to 4 devices use. As letusgambol said, solar chargers are great. There are a lot of apps –that you can find here–that help you monitor your carbon footprint, which can  be helpful for college students.

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    Green gadgets are necessary so that college students wiil start to appreciate sustainability as they are young and carry it far into the future. Teaching them how to be green is the ultimate.

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    I completely agree with phillius. Cars for many students are superfluous and it’s just as easy to get around campus or the surrounding area without actually owning one and using it without purpose. In a roundabout way, I also think renting textbooks could be considered as green, given that it reduces the amount of copies that are distributed.

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    While gadgets are cool, there are a lot of cool, cheap, and easy ways for students to lead a more sustainable life at school. First off, use a water bottle. Fill it up at water fountains around campus or the sink in your bathroom instead of buying bottled water. 

    Totally agree also that having a car is unnecessary, although I’d point it that it can be helpful if you go to college in a very rural area.

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    Instead of a water bottle like edmccoy11 said, instead use a reusable bpa-free water bottle. This way the chemicals that leach from traditional water bottles will not infect your water.

    Another green item are a college staple, recycled notebooks! These are often less expensive and you can feel good about the role the company they’ve been created by has played.

    You can even find notebooks made out of bamboo that are a lot smoother.

    In Blick’s Art Supply Store in Downtown, San Diego I found a bunch of recycled sketchpads that I found were a lot more comfortable to draw on than the branded items, which will be useful for Art Majors in College. You could go on their website and find these as well.

    You can also opt out of buying a traditional backpack and instead buy a hemp backpack, which is made free from the commercially used chemical dyes and are also pretty comfortable.

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