What are some green dyes?



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    There are several types of green dyes:
    -There are clay/dirt dyes which are made from the minerals in the Earth (Earth Creations is a company that specializes in these).
    -“Low-impact fiber-reactive dyes. These are synthetic dyes that chemically bond directly to the clothes fiber molecules. This results in less water run off due to the fixation rate being up to 70%. Although low-impact fiber-reactive dyes have been around since 1956, they have recently undergone some major advances, which have resulted in brighter colors and better colorfast properties. Unlike conventional dyes, these dyes contain no contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances. The biggest drawback of low-impact fiber-reactive dyes is that they are still made from synthetic petrochemicals.”
    -There are also natural dyes. “These are a class of colorant extracted from vegetative matter and animal residues. Although one might assume that natural dyes are better for the environment, in practice this is not always the case. Natural dyes typically require the inclusion of metallic salts such as aluminium, iron, chromium, and copper for ensuring colorfastness.”

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    AirDye is an eco-friendly dye. It is especially “green” because it does not use water, valuable resource. This dye does not require boiling water, which lowers energy costs and is more efficient. There aren’t any cleaning chemicals or drying machines to release pollution either.

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