What are some green driving practices?



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    If you’ve ever driven a Prius, you have received the benefit of “Eco-mode” which lets you know how much pressure on the pedal and what kind of acceleration is best for gas mileage.  Lucky you.  If not, here are some things to keep in mind: cruise control is your friend.  Don’t idle your car more than you have to.  Don’t accelerate from a stop too quickly, and don’t stop too quickly either.  Driving 55-65mph is much more fuel efficient than driving over the speed limit at say 75 or 80mph.  A heavier car loaded down with cargo uses more gas.  And don’t use the air conditioner. 

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    Of course, un-driving is the best green driving practice.  But if you must, driving 50 mph can be about 10% better than driving at 55mph.  Depending upon the vehicle, the best mileage is probably between 40 and 50mph.  Other tips are keep the engine tuned and the tire properly inflated.  I higher speeds keep the vehicle clean is also said to improve mileage — dirty surfaces add to drag.  If it is hot out, below about 40mph it is better to open the windows.  At higher speeds it is better to roll up the windows and use the air-conditioner.

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