What are some green cooking habits?



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    There are lots of green cooking tips. Covering up a pot you’re trying to get to boil will speed it up, simply keeing your appliances and cookware clean, choosing glass or ceramic cookware (retain heat better) over metal, and soaking your dishes prior to cleaning them, are some examples of what you can do.

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    Shop for produce at your farmer’s market, as much of it will be grown locally.  Start a compost pile to reuse your food waste.

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    Use coconut oil if you’re going to cook with oil.  It’s composition is good for you, full of nutrients, and it doesn’t hydrogenate at high temperatures like some other vegetable or cooking oils.  It does have a distinct flavor, but can be a delicious addition to some foods.  I use it with my eggs.


    Also, add lemon juice as often as possible.  It’s rich in flavanoids that protect your skin and immune system from harmful pollutants.  you can add it to your salad as a dressing, to your water, or really any dish.  Used alone it will carry a strong citrus flavor but otherwise it will enhance the flavors you usually cook with.  I combine it with my favorite salad dressing (raspberry vinegarette) and don’t even notice it.


    Pepper is a great antioxidant that can even help aid metabolism.


    Keep to simple ingredients whenever possible, definitely stay away from processed foods and sugars.  Store your leftovers in a glass dish an get to them as soon as possible to prevent waste.  Fruits and vegetables emit gases and can accelerate their (or neighboring foods) expiration if you don’t store them properly.  Refer to the link below for storing recommendations.

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    The greenest, best thing you could EVER do when cooking is DONT WATSTE.  You can buy all the “greenwear” in the world, and save as much as energy as you possibly can.  But if you are creating food waste, you still haven’t learned what sustainability is truly about. 

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    Microwave!  Microwaving is one of the most efficent forms of cooking. If you are going to steam some vegetables, try doing it in the microwave rather than over the stove. 

    Try using a toaster oven rather than a traditional oven for smaller things.  It will heat up faster and give you the same results for a delicious sandwich or french bread pizza with reduced energy consumption.

    Eat one more salad per week.  You can make a salad without doing any cooking.

    Lastly, when it comes to clean up, run the dishwasher.  Doing your dishes in the dish washer is actually more green (in general) than washing them by hand.  Provided you run it full and don’t rinse the dishes before hand, you will save energy, water and detergent.

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    One way to be green while cooking is to purchase your ingredients locally. You can even see if a local farmer will grown food for you on a plot on their property. Not only will these products be very fresh, but it will help the environment to not have to ship the products from far away, wasting energy in packaging and processing and gasoline to deliver the food. You will be able to select the exact product you need and perhaps buy the exact amount so you do not waste any excess. This is an excellent way to make your cooking more green!

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    Some ways to cook greener are to buy more organic and local foods. Eating a more vegetarian diet puts less stress on the environment and ensures you get all the vitamins and minerals you need in your diet. I suggest always cooking less than what makes you full (I still struggle with this a lot. It can be hard to get the exact amount of food right). You should try to eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you are full. If you need to, you can always snack on something in between meals. Eat your food slowly and chew it thoroughly to ensure your body can properly digest the food you just consumed. 

    When you run your dishwasher, make sure you have a full load of dishes in it. You can also run water in your sink and plug it up and wash all the dishes in there. Putting lids on pans and pots is a good tip to cook food faster. In the case of grilling meats (like in a stir fry) the meat is much more tender when the lid is on because it helps keep in moisture. You can also cook a lot of food and once and eat the leftovers throughout the week. This can make your lunches much more nutritious than packing quick processed foods or getting foods from restaurants. You can also freeze a lot of foods that you don’t eat right away and can eat at a later time.

    I try to prioritize the fresh foods that I buy in order of when I need to eat them to make sure they don’t go bad. Try to keep the foods you have around in mind to use up before they spoil.  

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