What are some green-collar jobs?



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    Some green-collar jobs (and also the leading green-collar jobs), include bicycle/scooter technician, but not for your average bike! These technicians specialize electric bicycles and scooters. Another green-collar job is public/private alternative energy engineer, which specializes in installing green energy such as solar and wind. Two more popular green-collar jobs are urban gardners and, of course, recycling specialists!

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    Green-collar jobs are being redefined, and many are direct transitions from formerly blue or white-collar jobs.  For instance, auto mechanics are instantly turned into green-collar workers when they learn how to repair EVs and hybrids.  Electric engineers become green-collar when they provide support for wind or solar energy instead of fossil fuel energy.  Construction workers can specialize in eco-friendly home building, non-profits fighting the green cause can always use smart/motivated employees, and the government creates more green-collar jobs in the forestry and conservation sector every day.

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