What are some green cities in Europe?



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    Here is an article by the environmental blog, Grist, which lists the Top 15 Green Cities all over the world including 5 cities in Europe!

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    Reykjavik, Iceland: Reykjavik has been putting hydrogen buses on its streets, and its heat and electricity come entirely from renewable geothermal and hydropower sources and it’s determined to become fossil-fuel-free by 2050.

    Malmö, Sweden: Malmö is known for its extensive parks and green space, and is Sweden’s third-largest city is a model of sustainable urban development.

    Copenhagen, Denmark: With a big offshore wind farm just beyond its coastline , the city recently won the European Environmental Management Award for cleaning up public waterways and implementing holistic long-term environmental planning.

    London, England: London has also set stiff taxes on personal transportation to limit congestion in the central city, hitting SUVs heavily and letting electric vehicles and hybrids off scot-free.

    Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona promotes solar energy, and innovative parking strategies, and is creating a new vision for the future in Europe. City leaders’ urban-regeneration plan also includes poverty reduction and investment in neglected areas, demonstrating a holistic view of sustainability.

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    Adding on to the previous answer, Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden are only twenty minutes apart from one another. Malmo is essentially an extension of Copenhagen, as many residents of Malmo commute to Copenhagen for work. They are both incredibly green cities. One third of all people that work in Copenhagen bike to work.

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