What are some green chairs?



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    What kind of chairs? This questions might help for the office variety, but otherwise there are all sorts of “green” chairs. Of course recycled and repurposed varieties are high on the list, such as those created by MetroSofa. I would suggest doing a google search for the specific variety you are looking for, as their is definitely a high availability out there.

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    Green chairs, and green furniture in general usually means the furniture comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood or has some other manufacturers certification. You can see the link below for some readily available green furniture. That being said, the “greenest” chairs or furniture is used or pre-owned stuff. Before you spend a fortune finding some newly made recycled product go to the local Salvation Army, antique store, or garage sale and pick up something you like. No emissions or wastes were emitted for your sake if you purchase that chair and you most likely saved it from being put in a landfill.

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