What are some green activities a club can do?



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    A club could sponsor a yard sale or collection of old clothes, games, and objects to re-sell or donate rather than letting them go to waste. They can sponsor an initiative to make recycling programs more efficient. They can carpool to events rather than taking separate cars to save on fossil fuels. They can try to sponsor and encourage Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) or have a farmer’s market in order to encourage buying locally. They can also create and sponsor Earth Day events or an hour that everyone pledges to not use electricity or a day without driving cars. They can also write letters to representatives to support more sustainable policies. There are so many things but they all add up.

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    A club can also do a day of cleaning up parks or beaches. Or, plant a tree, some places you might have to get permission, but it usually isn’t hard to get. Do a recycling drive, have a bake sale and donate the money, or go on nature hikes.

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    A few more ideas might include: organize a group bike-ride to raise awareness about CO2 emissions and encourage alternative commuting; offer a day of labor to a local gardening organization; do a clean-up project in some area parks; host an all locally- and organically grown potluck picnic; go around to area businesses asking for their paper document waste, then sort and bind it into “books” to be used for notes, letters, lists, etc.

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