What are some great homemade eco homes?



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    My favorite custom build eco home would be the Low Impact Woodland Home designed and created by Simon Dale with the help of family, friends, and acquaintances. The house was built with regard to the environment and was built using natural materials such as stone, mud, straw, wood, etc.

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    Some of the best ecologically friendly homes an buildings follow the, “earthship” design.  This design is a low profile, partially underground home made primarily or tires, rammed earth, and stucco.  Earthship homes are very temperature stable as they are heavily insulated and partially buried.  These homes are also incredibly stable in the face of earthquakes or manmade disasters.  This is why survival expert Cody Lundine lives in one.  Earthship designs also incorporate greywater recycling, indoor greenhouses, and south facing windows for solar energy capture.


    Photo Credit, Green building blog.com

    Photo Credit, Green building blog.com

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