What are some great green holiday gift ideas?



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    Buying someone a membership to a zoo, wildlife park or museum are great green gifts. These things require minimal packaging, and can help spread awareness of environmental issues. At some wildlife parks you can adopt a specific animal, which would be great for animal lovers.

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    Give something recycled!

     Not like a recycled gift, these are new items made from recycled materials! Nube Green’s online store has many recycled and eco-friendly products to choose from, for adult women and men, young adults, and children. You can check out their products here. 

    Let your garden grow

    A fun and earth friendly gift for turning rough patches into gardens of local wild flowers. A pack of seed bombs comes with a large sling shot for shooting seeds into hard to reach areas. The pack contains a variety of wild flower seeds native to the region of your choice rolled up in a ball of fertilizer and dirt. These plants require minimal maintenance. 

    Spread awareness with chocolates

    Endangered Species chocolate has a photograph of an endangered species across the wrapper and information about that species on the inside. Mostly organic, many of their chocolates are also vegan and gluten-free. Traded responsibly, the makers of this product respect fair trade policy whenever possible. Oh, and 10% of the profits go to an organization supporting species and habitat preservation! 

    Adopt a part of nature

    The Nature Conservancy offers several gift packages for nature enthusiasts. Adopting individual endangered animals is always an option, and comes with an adoption certificate. This season, you can also adopt half an acre of vulnerable forest for $25, a whole acre for $50, or larger areas if you desire. Other ideas include planting dozens of trees in Brazil, protecting a hummingbird’s home, and adopting a fragile coral reef in Papua New Guinea. 

    Used rubber gets a second life

    Alchemy Goods makes all their products from recycled inner tubes and/or seat belts. The result is water proof, durable, and eco-friendly bags! They have a unique look, and prevent used bike and car parts from filling up landfills. They are also made in the U.S. 

    Natural beauty and healing products

    Pangea Organics is a chemical-free, natural and organic brand. Not all of their products are entirely organic: they range between 27%- 99.8% organic. They also work with PETA, and are certified cruelty-free by a company run by PETA. Most of their products are vegan, and they do not test on animals. Also, many of their items come in biodegradable, plantable packaging containing seeds! 

    Other eco-friendly body care companies and products include Yes To (Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, or Baby Carrots), Bee Yummy Skin Food (which is also edible), Suki, L’Occitane en Provence, and Alteya Organics which is USDA approved.

    For a few more ideas, you can also visit this site.



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