What are some great environmental websites?

Anything that you people feel offers great environmental news, information, opportunities to be an advocate, charities, etc.


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    One of my favorites is treehugger.com, owned by the Discovery company, that publishes a wide range of articles, videos, and photo galleries on environmental and sustainability issues. I also really like Yes! Magazine’s website, which addresses environmental as well as social justice, economic, and other topical issues but looks at them from a uniquely positive perspective.

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    There are lots of great environmental websites.  I like Greanpeace International (www.greenpeace.org) and the World Wildlife Fund (www.panda.org), though in the link below, I’ve included a list of 100 great environmental websites.

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    The Daily Green is one of my favorites; it has a lot of green tips and advice. Also, the Huffington Post has a great green blog that covers all kinds of environmental news and opinion pieces.

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    I find the Environmental Protection Agency’s website very useful.  They are a great resource not only for current environmental news but also on emerging technologies.

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    There are many great environmental websites, depending on what you’re looking for. Some have information about natural resources, some on endangered animals, and others on living green lifestyles. This is a going green blog that I found quite helpful:


    If you follow the link below, you can look up green websites filtered by category, and ranked by popularity.

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    The website i have listed shows ten of the best environment websites that are offered online. Among them are Alternative Energy News, Live Science, About My Planet and others.

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    Home of the Future is a blog focused on sustainability, and the Environmental Working Group is a website dedicated to protecting children from toxic chemicals in food, water, air and everyday products. The EWG website has a lot of relevant news posts/blogs and is very informative. 

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    I like the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) website because it is a good resource for environmental issues. They have shopper’s guides for recycled products, and post environmental news articles. The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database helps you find natural cosmetics and shampoo, and rates them according to their environmental impact. 

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    One great environmental website to check out is The Environmental Blog. Based out of Portland, Oregon, I think it has great articles about going green on a national scale, as well as highlighting local aspects of environmental friendliness in Portland. The blog has easy accessible categories, such as Green Tips, Energy, and Sustainability. 

    I think it’s great when sites reach out to kids to help educate. Another site, which is directed towards kids, is Meet the Greens. It introduces children to learning about the environment through cartoon characters, games, as well as educational blog posts made for kids to enjoy. 

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    The Environmental News Network offers daily news stories regarding environmental issues. News sections include agriculture, wildlife, pollution, environmental policy, climate, and energy.

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    Personally, I love reading environmental blogs because they generally offer informative opinions on news and current events.  Check out Mother Jones for some great essays and blogs on environmental and political issues.  I enjoy National Geographic’s Environment site as well.  It features fun facts, tools, news, blogs, and photos on a high quality, user-friendly site. 

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    My favorite for environmental news and advice is grist.org.  I have it set up so that I get their daily green news email so I can keep up with environmental developments. 

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    A great environmental website is http://www.cakeex.org.  CAKE, otherwise known as the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange, is a website that aims to build a shared knowledge space for managing the rapidly changing natural systems of the world due to climate change.  It also offers knowledge of how to educate on climate adaptation and many resources on how to learn more.  It’s great!

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    All of the other suggestions are great, but I also love http://www.webecoist.com

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