What are some great eco fashion accessories?



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    You can make DIY accessories using scrap materials like buttons, ribbons, pins, mini figurines, fabrics, etc… check out: http://craftingagreenworld.com/2011/02/09/recycled-fashion-five-diy-accessories/



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    Sweaters, scarves, warm hats, and anything else that you can wear to keep your thermostat low are a great way to keep your energy consumption down. Interestingly enough, thrift stores often have a bunch of scarves, mittens, and other warm accessories.


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    Hey there! Check out Ebay’s “World of Good” submarket. They only sell organic materials and they are certfied by the third-party organization “Empowerment Works” to monitor fair trade. The items are beautiful and pretty well-priced in my opinion. You can also check out Etsy. I love that website because you can really find unique, one-of-a-kind accessories on there made by independent sellers. There are sellers on Etsy who sell organic and eco-friendly accessories, soaps, shampoo, perfume and much more. My favorites are the crochet bracelets, I don’t know why.

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