What are some great animal rescue stories?



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    One particular great animal rescue story is recounted http://www.razoo.com/articles/Animal-Rescue-Stories is about a dog that was rescued more than 70 days after Hurricane Katrina has destroyed most of New Orleans.  An organization called the MuttShack Animal Rescue got a call after 71 days of a German Sheperd that was alive inside a house in New Orleans and had gone without food for that entire time.  The animal rescue organization rescued the dog and fed her by hand for weeks.  She was later adopted by a doctor in Ontario, Canada.

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    There recently has been a large dog rescue where I live. A man with previous dog fighting convictions is being charged with animal abuse and almost 2 dozen dogs were rescued from him. http://www.ktvu.com/news/22873785/detail.html

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    If you are looking to watch one, you should watch a movie called The Amazing Panda Adventure.  It honestly is an amazing Panda adventure.  The movie came out in 1995, but is still so good even up to today! 

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