What are some great agencies working to help the rainforest?



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    There are many great agencies working to help the rainforest. Some popular ones are: Tree People, World Wildlife Fund, and Rainforest Foundation. Tree people focuses on the community of Los Angeles, trying to inspire people to look after their own native forests. Many people don’t know that there are many forests native to California. 

    The World Wildlife Fund wants a future where nature and humans can coexist in a completely sustainable way. Their goal is to reduce pollution and promote healthy living for both humans and animals. 

    Finally, the Rainforest Foundation helps to protect the forests of native human populations from being destroyed. Also, the increasing rates of deforestation have driven many natives from their homes in fear. 

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    Amazon Watch and the Rainforest Action Network are two organizations focused on activities related to the fight against rainforest destruction. These groups research pressing environmental issues, such as deforestation in Indonesia for palm oil plantations, the legal battle between Chevron and Ecuadorian indigenous people over the contamination left behind after oil drilling, and the controversy over building the Belo Monte dam through the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. These groups create clever campaigns and help to disseminate the environmental demands of voices worldwide.

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