What are some good woods that burn hot?



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    According to the site below, hardwoods tend to burn hotter, but ate harder to light initially. Some hot burning woods include ash, red and white oak, beech, hard maple, dogwood, almond, and apple. Also, any wood that has been seasoned will burn hotter than its green counterpart, so seasoned hard woods will probably burn the hottest.

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    Sfincher is right. It does not really matter what wood you burn as long as it is properly seasoned. Seasoned wood produces the most amount of heat and the least amount of creosote. According to mastersweep.com, fir is the most trouble-free wood that you can buy for burning.

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    Some woods that burn the hottest are hickory, oak, black locust, beech and white ash, respectively. These types of wood are some of the most dense, heavy woods, and the reason they produce more heat is because they contain more mass per wood volume, which means more energy per wood volume.

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