What are some good websites to buy pretty, recycled paper stationery from?



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    Depending on what you’re looking for, here is a list of websites that offer recycled stationary. Some of the products are more geared toward letter writing and notes while others are themed for special events.


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    An excellent stationary company is Green Field Paper Company. They sell everything from stationary to business cards and journals, all of which are eco-friendly. All of it is cute and pretty. Some of the paper you can even plant because there are seeds in it and trees will grow out of it.

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    This is Always Stationery’s line of eco-friendly stationery. It is made from recycled paper. They are high quality, some are embossed, and they are made in the USA. There are many other stationery companies who print on recycled paper or have eco-friendly options, all ranging in prices. Good luck!

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