What are some good ways in which businesses can save money by going green?



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    Businesses can save a lot of money by going green. One of the most money saving changes is to retrofit their building for energy efficiency. A lot of money is spend on power bills, so efficient lighting, heating/cooling, and insulation can save significant money. Other ways that money is saved is by increasing recycling and reducing wastes. It costs money to have trashed removed, and recyclable material can be sold for profit. Businesses can also get tax credits and incentives for having green products and practices. 

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    A great way that a business can save money is by changing their products to be more eco-friendly. They can create features that promote the reusability and recyclability of their products and that will generate consumer interest. Use email to send out information rather than print. Business can also encourage their employees to find alternative ways of transportation to and from work instead of riding by single passenger vehicles. Business who offer public transportation vouchers or better parking spots for carpoolers can sometimes find tax credits that allow them to do this.

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