What are some good ways to stay green over the holidays?



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    One suggestion: use LED holiday lights to decorate your house.

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    Consider wrapping your presents in old newspaper or putting gifts in recycled bags or boxes.

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      I totally agree. I think wrapping/packaging contributes to a large amount of the waste generated during the holidays. It is especially wasteful given the fact that it is often used once and then thrown away!

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    I know it’s kinda late, but I think oharem is on to something. In my opinion, the biggest environmental impacts from the holidays are from travel and consumerism. It is tough to green your travel (if it is long-distance) through personal decisions, so I’ll skip that one. But I do think putting more thought into the gifts you give, and as oharem noted, how you wrap those gifts, can make a positive impact. Personally, I tend to re-use the same gift bags and boxes every year. Additionally, I try to avoid buying products like ipods that are purposely designed to have a limited product-life. 

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