What are some good ways to save on my heating bills?



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    Some of the quickest ways to reduce heating costs are to make smart decisions when using energy. For example, are there rooms in the home being heated that aren’t being used? If so, closing doors or turning down the heat in those areas could produce immediate savings. Additionally, adjusting the thermostat a few degrees and wearing a sweater instead can also save money. Turning heat down at night or when no one is home are other easy ways to save money.

    Other fixes require a little effort. Cold air can often leak through tiny spaces around windows, resulting in drafts that add to heating bills. Sealing the areas around leaky windows can help keep a home warm, as well as keep the home cool in the summer. Additionally, insulation is another way to keep heat inside the home. Problems with the insulation, or missing insulation, can add to heating bills. Insulation acts similar to a blanket, and can help prevent heat inside the home from escaping outside. Home improvement stores are an excellent resource for fixing these problems, and can provide both supplies and advice.

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    There are many things you can do to save some money on your heating bills. Check the air filter on your heating system to make sure it is clean, a cleaner heater works more efficiently. You can run your ceiling fans in reverse to draw warm air throughout your home. Opening your shades during the day allows for natural sunlight to penetrate your home, adding some additional heat. Also check your water heater to make sure it is properly insulated.

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    Close vents in rooms that are not going to be occupied. If you use the ventilation fan in the bathroom, limit the time it’s on because it will suck out hot air. Also, wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. And even taking colder showers or shorter ones may reduce your heating bill by 33%.

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