What are some good ways to reuse wine bottles?



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    You can give them back to the beer or alcohol store which you bought them, they will usually give you money back for them too. They reuse them so I think that is a good way. My mom use to do it all the time but she doesnt drink that much any more Hah.

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    I love making my wine bottles into vases.  Something about the glass and the designs just really seems to make flowers look even more elegant.  You can also use them for storage if you keep the cork.  I’ve put my Olive Oil in a wine bottle because I think it makes it look a little more fun. 

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    There are so many things you can do with wine bottles. Although recycling them is always a great option there are different and craftier things that you can do with them. You can use them to hold candles. There are cute cork candles (http://www.freshtrend.com/wine-bottle-cork-candles.html) that drip onto the glass and look wonderful. If you can find a pottery shop or glass blower you can melt your wine bottles down and make them into beautiful serving trays, which would be a wonderful and inexpensive gift. 




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    Great posts already, I just wanted to add a couple more ideas: wine bottle lamps (gas or electric), wine bottle glasses (talk about recycling!), using as bottles for other liquids (soap, bubble bath, oils), as vases and candleholders, as spacers for shelving units, to create a retaining wall for your garden, you can also cut off the bottom portion and use those pieces as “tiles”, paint the bottles and use as decorations…. lots and lots of ideas…

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    I use them as water bottles around the house

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    If you don’t want to use them as bottles, and maybe doing some art work or construction, break them up and put them into cement to use as patio steps or a lot of places that do fancy fireplaces could purchase them. Just an idea, I’ve seen some beautiful work done with broken glass.

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