What are some good ways to reuse plastic bottles?



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    There are many artsy project that you can reuse plastic bottles for including candle holders, piggy banks, paint trays, vases, planters, woven boxes and purses, lamps, bird feeder, etc. All you need is a little creativity and some time. Check out the links.


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    One use I’ve found for them is pencil holders. Larger bottles, such as two liters or apple juice containers, work best.  Just wash out the bottle, cut off the top (minding sharp edges!) and you’re ready to go.

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    One really fascinating way to re-use plastic bottles is in Earthship architecture. An Earthship is a structure that is completely or almost completely off the grid and is built almost entirely out of reused and recycled materials, including old tires, cast off wood, glass bottles, and many others. Plastic bottles are used as a means of insulation within the cement walls—the tubular shape holds pockets of air that insulate the walls. As an added bonus, the various colors of bottles create a beautiful “stained glass” look that is really unique.

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