What are some good ways to reduce food waste?



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    The best way that I can think of is to compost it. Food waste is biodegradable. If you make a compost heap in your yard then you will be able to grow plants there. Otherwise I suggest portion control. Remember that the correct serving size is the size of your fist. Then you can stop purchasing so much food and being forced to throw it out.

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         Another good way to reduce food waste is to plan your meals ahead. That way, you know you will eventually use everything you buy. Pay attention to the expiration dates on perishable foods so that they don’t go bad before you can use them. Finally, buy what you know you will actually eat, not what you think you should eat but don’t like. 

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    In the U.S. we throw away about 96 billion pounds of food every year (http://www.theatlanticwire.com/business/2011/06/americans-throw-away-half-their-food/39360/). A good way to avoid food waste is to always evaluate what you have at home before you go to the store. Try to figure out what you have already and what you might need to buy to use those items already in your cupboards and refrigerator. A great website to help you make meals with ingredients you already have is http://allrecipes.com/Search/Ingredients.aspx. You can enter ingredients you have and it will give you a list of recipes that use those ingredients.

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