what are some good ways to rally a community around environmental concerns?



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    Some personal advice from a student environmental activist: show the health concerns and the declining property value. I once took a trip with other student activists to Perry City, Florida in Taylor County for a tour administered by a grassroots environmental group of older women. They were concerned with their hometown’s declining ecological balance. They claimed to have the third most polluted river in America, due to a coal plant. They spoke about residents moving away, hot water springs drying up, which closed the luxury hotel that once was, and hiked us through the black, mucky water. They also spoke of the plight of poor residents who fished from the lake for necessary food, increased cancer counts and the political struggles they went through fighting the business. All this culminated in a student supported campaign of the region.

    A very good tool is to get peole together to scientifically test the damage. In this case, the organization, Bucket Brigade, did a workshop on how to take water samples.


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