What are some good ways to make my air cleaner before the baby arrives?



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    Rubber trees ingest many air born toxins. And, they are a nice touch to any room. AFM Safecoat has many paints and stains that have low VOCs. Many of there paints actually seal the paint so that off gassing does not occur. Another eco-friendly paint company is YOLO, they have great, easy application paint. SavvyRest is a bed company that sells natural mattress. The USA is the only country that still allows fire retardant on upholstered furniture. Most of what we sleep and sit on are the biggest indoor air polluters.

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    Indoor houseplants have been shown to reduce benzene and formaldehyde, as well as adding oxygen when they respirate. Because you’re having a newborn, look for non-toxic plants such as chrysanthemums and african violets.

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