What are some good tips to stay healthy while flying?



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    One of the best practices to follow when flying to avoid getting sick is to make sure you get enough sleep both before traveling and while away to make sure your immune system is given the best chance to fight off any possible illnesses. Drink plenty of water or juice and avoid alcohol. Eat light foods and avoid overeating. Wash your hands as often as possible. In addition, try to exercise with little movements on the plane if possible to keep your blood flowing- most planes have sample exercises listed in pamphlets if you need suggestions.

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    Airplanes themselves can be housing a lot germs, not to mention the act of flying can make a lot of passengers feel sick. Here some tips to stay healthy:

    • Get a good nights sleep the night before to make sure your immune system is in good working order. Avoid stress and anxiety before your flight, these can also compromise your immune system.
    • Stay hydrated throughout the flight, and avoid caffeine and alcohol (which can dehydrate you). This can also help with pesky jet lag.
    • Keep your hands clean throughout the flight by washing them well, and avoid touching your eyes and mouth as much as possible.
    • Blood Clots are common on long flights and also extremely deadly, so make sure to walk to aisles when you can, or do small exercises in your seat if more convenient.
    • If you have pre-existing health problems, make sure you take necessary precautions beforehand and have any supplies ready (i.e. an inhaler if you have asthma).
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