What are some good things to do with old lemon peels?



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    Lemons can deodorize household smells. One way to use lemons is to put peels in fires while you are burning one in your household. Lemon peels can also be placed by areas that produce unpleasant odors (kitty litter boxes, waste baskets, etc.). Lemon rinds can be used to polish chrome faucets or other chrome surfaces (and metals such as pots and pans) that have been tarnished. Other creative uses include recipes and beauty products (lemons can help reduce dry skin and aging spots).

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    Once you’ve squeezed all the juice out of the lemon, you may grate the peels for lemon zest. Boiling water with lemon peels (or other citrus fruit peels) yields a pleasant smell, in my opinion. Lemon-infused hot water can be good for cleaning things like stained coffee pots. You could also toss the peels in a compost pile to contribute to the creation of nutrient-rich matter.

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    Lemon peels are nutrient rich and have many health benefits. Lemon peels contain ascorbic acid, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin A. Therefore, using lemon peels to make lemon peel tea is a healthy way to glean the nutrients from the peel. 

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    Lemon oil naturally keeps away ants. They just won’t walk over it. You can squeeze the oil out of the lemon peels and spread it around inside your cabinets and around the perimeter of doors, windows, or other places where ants can enter your house. Lemon oil is also good for wood furniture. My family uses furniture oil with lemon to keep ants out of our kitchen. If you look closely at the lemon rind, you will see lots of tiny pores that contain the oil. It may be a bit of a task to squeeze all of it out, but you could experiment with different methods to get it out. All citrus fruits contain oil in their skin, and this oil has many different uses. You can probably use lemon oil for many of the same uses that this article recommends for orange oil.

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