What are some good things about cockroaches?



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    Many people enjoy keeping and even racing Madagascar hissing cockroaches, finding them to be beautiful and interesting animals. They are often used in demonstrations at insect zoos and schools, because they are harmless, large enough to study, and can introduce kids to the idea that insects are fun, not scary. And people who handle this species of cockroaches may be less susceptible to mold allergies, because certain mites on the cockroaches get rid of mold-friendly environments. In addition, there are a few flowers in the tropics that have evolved to only be pollinated by cockroaches.

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    Wow! cockroaches are carriers of diseases like leprosy and so tells an individual the need to keep the house tidy. Their presence irritates some people especially women. They can also serve as feed for fowls kept in a semi-intesive system.

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