What are some good things about agriculture?

For the environment.



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    Agriculture, the process of growing plants, is what provides us with food. Crops are grown either directly for human consumption, like in the case of vegetables, or are used to feed other animals that we can eat, like when corn is fed to pigs to help them grow. Some of the bad parts of agriculture are that chemicals are often used to keep insects and palnt disease away from crops. Those chemicals can be harmful to water supplies and soil quality. Organic farming, which doesn’t use those chemicals, can be used instead to provide food without the negative environmental effects.

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    Going off of what karitate 18 said, organic agriculture lends a hand in preserving the overall health of the land. Some commonly used organic farming methods are crop rotating, inter-cropping, symbiotic association, and cover crops.  All of these methods help maintain the long term health of the soil by making it less erosive, keeping the soil nutrient rich, and up keeping soils productivity.

    Additionally, organic agriculture favors the interaction of the ecological community which is important for the health of the crops and the health of the ecosystem.  Organic farming directly benefits and helps benefit natural ecological cycles and processes.

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