What are some good sustainability tips for owning a dog?



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    Crazy fact:  a dog’s carbon footprint is TWICE that of a Toyota Land Cruiser being driven 6,132 miles a year. 

    Scoop the poop using biodegradable bags – using non-biodegradable bags really doesn’t help much!  Also, feed your dog higher-quality food which will reduce waste.  There are several companies that make eco-friendly pet accessories – leashes, collars, and toys.


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    If you are cyclist who have a dog, you can actually recycle old bike tubes and make collars and leashes out of them! You can also make toys for them out of old socks or rope. 

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    You can make your own dog treats.  They cost far less and there is no wasted packaging if you use an airtight container.  Just simply wash and reuse it every time you make new treats.  The recipes for homemade dog treats are healthier than most store bought treats that contain animal byproducts.

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