What are some good strategies to recycle paper?



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    To make recycling easy, put recycle bins in all the areas of your home or workplace where trash goes.  Then any time you’re putting something in the trash, it’s really easy to put recycleables, including paper, into the recycle bin.  You can also try to reuse paper as much as possible, recycling it as scratch paper or for notes or other things.  It may take a bit of practice at first, but soon you will find that recycling comes as second nature.

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    Meaning that you don’t want to put it in a bin and have it taken to a facility? 

    If you have kids or are ever around little ones; there’s no such thing as enough scrap paper. Make your own calendar, envelopes and bookmarks. If you use your imagination you’ve got a lot of good stuff to reuse paper for.

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    There are a lot of really interesting thing you can use old paper for – one use that pops up often is paper beads:

    For step-by-step instructions, see the second link below (which is also where this picture comes from). Also, for two other uses of recycled paper, see the first link. 

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    I realize that you mean re-using paper in your home, but one of the best ways to encourage recycling is to buy recycled materials (toilet paper, paper towels if you use them, notebook paper, etc).

    The link below has lots of projects from used paper, including making a trash can, making a “book safe,” and making a weaving.

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    Burn it in your fireplace or use it as bedding for a pet so they don’t pee on your floor. Also, I know it’s not newspaper, but you should always print on both sides of computer paper.

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