What are some good solutions for safely parking bikes in cities?



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    U locks are pretty good for securing bikes to bike racks. U locks have a a rigid metal frame in the shape of a U and have lose rods inside the U that rotate to prevent people from sawing through the lock. The most effective way to lock a bike with a U lock is to remove the front wheel and thread the U lock through the back wheel, bike frame, and the front wheel[img_assist|nid=190599|title=U lock|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=540]

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    Make sure to lock both the frame of your bike and the front wheel to the object your anchoring the lock to. Also, make sure if you are using a street sign or parking meter as the anchor that a would-be thief can’t just lift you bike up and over the sign/parking meter without getting the off. 

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