What are some good slogans against water pollution?



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    The U.S. Environmental Protection Association has created a “toolbox” of such slogans and ideas.

    Some examples from the below site:

    “The Health of America’s Waterways Begins In Your Backyard”
    “Clean Water – It’s In Our Hands”
    “Clean Water Starts In Your Backyard”
    “Only Rain Down The Drain”
    “Clean Water, Clear Choices”

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    • Save Water Secure the Future
    • Todays rain water is tomorrows life saver
    • Save water, it wil save you later
    • Be the Solutio of Water Pollution
    • To ist in a Shade, you have to save papers first
    • Please care for planet A, cause there will be no planet B
    • Earth allows you to stand. Let the earth stand the way it is
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