What are some good search engines?

Thank you!



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    Blackle.com is Google with a black background. It should search the same, but uses less energy lighting the screen.

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    My favorite is Google, but Bing and Yahoo are good too. The best way to get the answers you are looking for, though, is to know how to search. Knowing how to do a Boolean search will help you find what you want to know.

    Use quote marks around phrases that you want to search for. Put a minus sign in front of things that you don’t want included in your search. Use “and”, “or” and “not” to help you with your search. Find more about Boolean searches here: http://www.internettutorials.net/boolean.asp

    Happy searching!

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    One search engine that tries to help save energy as it works is “Blackle,” a black-screened version of Google. The darkened screen supposedly requires less energy to display than a white or color screen. As you use the darker screen, you will be using less energy to display the search results than if you were using Google, which has a white background and color logo. Apparently there has been some skepticism raised about the real energy savings behind this idea, but the website hosts insist that even if the energy savings are minuscule, every little bit helps.

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    In terms of environmentally beneficial search engines, there are actually a few good ones.  Ecosia is one such search engine, powered by Bing and Yahoo, in which 80% of the site’s advertising revenue is donated to the World Wildlife Fund’s conservation efforts in the Amazon Rain Forest , specifically the Tumucumaque Conservation Landscape in Brazil. In 2010, this 80% contribution on Ecosia’s part raised approximately 168,000 dollars (123,000 euros) for the WWF.

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    Dogpile is a search engine I usually use.

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