What are some good rules for sustainable communities?



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    The main goal for sustainable communities is to have as least impact on the environment as possible. This begins with its development as it does not entrench on environmentally fragile land and endanger local ecology. Conservation and efficiency of utilities in daily life including water, transportation and energy uses are vital in maintaining a sustainable community. Wastes must also be controlled through recycling and curved consumption.

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    If the entire community wants to work together to be sustainable, then the community could all care for a large community garden so that everyone can eat healthy, local, sustainable food. 

    The community (shops, stores, schools) would have to be designed for biking and walking, rather than driving. 

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    Enforcing public transportation system and making it affordable, efficient, and convenient would be a great start. Also, making the are the community lives in a safe place for biking and walking, and making the lay-out of buildings so it is easier that way.

    Also, having a recycling program where every household has two bins: a recycling bin and a regular trash bin. If it is easier and mandatory for people to recycle, they will do so.

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