What are some good recycling strategies?



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    Where I live, the recycling doesn’t get picked up by anyone, so I have to do it all myself. I have a large plastic tub that I throw everything recyclable in throughout the week – cardboard, plastics, paper, glass. At the end of the week (typically on Sundays), I sort through it, make sure I’ve rinsed out all the bottles recyclable food containers, then sort it into several different bags by material. After that, I drive it to a recycling center.

    Before you start, be sure to check what your local recycling center takes. The one near me doesn’t take brown paper bags, and another I know of doesn’t take glass at all. Just find out what you can so you don’t waste your time!

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    Always be sure to clean out any containers that have food products in them. Recycling centers will throw out a lot of items that have 10% or more of the original food in the container. Also, it is good to remove labels and to remove caps off of items. Plastic lids on most bottles are a different type of plastic. I have heard of recycling centers throwing away items that aren’t properly cleaned or disassembled. You may also want to check with your local library or schools. Many can get paid for recycling paper or cardboard. Also, many fire stations will take cans. 

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