What are some good projects to do with wine corks?



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    You can make a wine bottle cork wreath, cut corks down into attractive coasters, make cork boards for notices, use corks as pin cushions, and even clean high carbon knives. Corks are lightweight, waterproof, heat resistant, and don’t rot, so their only real limit in arts and crafts is your imagination. I’ve seen corks turned into everything from Christmas tree decorations to picture frames. The links I’ve provided should send you in the right direction.

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    There are dozens of ways to remake corks into something new in your own household.  They can be cut down and placed inside leaky oil or vinegar bottles to steady the flow, several can be glued together to be made into a knife holder, or even strung together to make cork curtains!  The possibilities are endless.  Corks can also be remade into any number of things: floor tiles, craft materials, sports equipment, etc.  If you are ever interested in recycling your corks for these purposes, you can check out ReCork America to find your local drop off site.

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    Martha Stewart offers instructions for a fun project that turns wine corks into a refashioned cork board. You can also glue corks together to make a business card holder, or decorate a frame with rows of leftover corks. Remember that corks can easily be colored by paints, for more options. Many famous designers and artists have created chairs and other large pieces of furniture. The links included will hopefully give you an idea of the many possibitilies!

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    The below link has some cool craft ideas, everything from making corkboard (obvious) to upholstering furniture (not obvious, but for a reason). A common application in theater and on Halloween is to burn one end until it is black, blow it out, and then use the cork to draw on a beard. They can be fun toys for cats and birds, and they also have practical applications since they’re heat resistant and moisture retentive. The wooden kind can be ground up and mixed in with mulch to keep in moisture, or they can be placed under pot lid handles to make them safer for picking up.

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    Since they’re waterproof, I’ve found they can make great floating candles.  Aside from the arts and crafts suggestions mentioned, cork is a great insulator for buildings and refrigerators.  It is used often in flooring, as its buoyancy makes it comfortable to walk on and it keeps helps keep cold out.  Cork is even used to make soundproof rooms.  It can be made into pipe liners and used in automobile gaskets as well. 

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    Wine corks can be made into all sorts of craft projects. You can make placecard holders, photo frames, coasters, bulletin boards, or trivets, or use them around your home. I’ve seen them glued to the wall and used as a chair rail in some rooms. Corks can also be ground up and used as mulch in your garden’s soil. You can also carve shapes out of the ends and use them as rubber stamps. 

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