What are some good plants for a lazy gardener?



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    Radishes, zucchini, carrots, and herbs are all easy, but as for houseplants, you can’t go wrong with philodendron, cacti, or aloe plants.

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    Here are five low-maintenance perennial plants. The Blazing Star is drought tolerant, accepts all types of soils, and blooms mid-summer through the fall. Coneflowers bloom in the summer, pretty much take care of themselvesm, and are a rugged prairie plant. Coral Bells bloom late spring/early summer and bloom in shades of purple, butterscotch, mottled green and strips. Foam flower blooms in late spring/early summer, spreads rapidly while accommodating other flowers, and makes for an ideal ground cover. The Globe Thistle blooms in early summer/fall, does well in poor, dry soil, and appears to bloom forever. For more flowers for a lazy gardener check out: http://gardening.about.com/od/perennials/tp/Low-Maintenance-Plants.htm.

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