What are some good nutrients we get from out water?



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    Do you mean waste water? Sewage water from humans contains Phosphorus and Nitrogen, 2 of the essential nutrients for life and for plant growth. For a long time, humans used their waste water to fertilize their crops. These days we could afford to look into utilizing such a system again.

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    Water itself is an essential nutrient.

    Without it human life cannot survive. Water deprivation kills faster than lack of any other nutrient.

    It is seldom considered a nutrient. Many people don’t realize the important part water plays in major body functions.

    Water: Vital Link to Life
    1. Water serves as the body’s transportation system. It is the medium by which other nutrients and essential elements are distributed throughout the body. Without this transport of supplies the body factory would stop. Water also works as the transport for body waste removal. 

    2. Water is a lubricant. The presence of water in and around body tissues helps defend the body against shock. The brain, eyes and spinal cord are among the body’s sensitive structures that depend on a protective water layer. 

      Water is present in the mucous and salivary juices of our digestive systems. This is especially important for moving food through the digestive tract. Persons who experience reduced salivary output soon will realize that foods taste differently and are harder to swallow. As a lubricant, water also is helpful for smooth movement of bone joints.

    3. Water participates in the body’s biochemical reactions. The digestion of protein and carbohydrates to usable and absorbable forms depends on water as part of the chemical reaction.
    4. Water regulates body temperature. Our health and well-being are dependent on keeping body temperature within a very narrow range. The human body, which is made of 60-75 percent water, serves this function quite well. Water itself changes temperature slowly and is able to help regulate body temperature by serving as a good heat storage material. 

      Evaporation of water from body surfaces also helps cool the body. Sweat loss that is barely noticeable occurs every day and night. Individuals may lose up to a pint of water each day in this manner. In hot, humid weather or during exercise, increased sweating and losses of water are more visible.

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