What are some good natural sealers for my deck?



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    AFM SafeCoat natural non-toxic sealers are made with natural mineral pigments as opposed to toxic ingredients, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, exempt solvents, and odor masking agents. AFM SafeCoat Deckote and AFM SafeCoat Safe Seal are sealers that were made for wood and deck sealing. This site can help you find dealers: http://www.afmsafecoat.com/locator.html

    Acri-Soy is another natural sealer. It can be used on concrete, masonry, wood, stucco, adobe, plaster, drywall, fiber cement, brick pavers, natural stone, tile, grout, and other indoor or outdoor surfaces. This link provides more information: http://www.ecoprocote.com/Acri-Soy-Penetrating-Clear-Sealer-s/91.htm

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