What are some good materials to use when making recycled art?



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    Basically anything you can find. The key is to be creative. The materials can be anything you have laying around in your backyard, the garage, up in the attic, or down in the basement; old lamps, just the shades, bike tires, old car parts, old clothes, scrap metal, furniture pieces, toilet bowls, etc. Have fun, be resourceful, and remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially in the hands of an recyclable artist.

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    I agree with the above answer. I’d also like to suggest you can use scraps of food from things like uncooked pasta to clean egg shells. You can even try using things laying around your house like an empty soda bottle or a tissue box. Anything works! 

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    I agree with jharp as well. I would add that I like things that look very old. Antique bottles, discolored lace, old books or diaries… these objects suggest nostalgia and have a story of their own before they even found their way to you. I personally prefer these little pieces of domesticana- they seem to hold so many secrets- and the fact that they were discarded adds another level of mystery. 

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    I remember seeing on the news someone making art out of dryer lint. I agree with the above comments. You can use anything you can think of and sometimes the materials you use can add to the art piece.

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